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  • Minimal system requirements

    Dual Core processor (1.0Ghz and above), 1GB RAM, Rear Camera.

    *Some Android devices may have problem running the game even though meeting the minimal system requirements.

  • What devices are supported?

    Any device that meets the minimal requirements should run the game, for example:

    • iPhone 4S or later
    • iPod Touch 5 or later
    • iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Air or later
    • Samsung Galaxy S II, S III, S4, S5 or later
    • Samsung Tab 2, 3 or later
    • Similar android devices

    For ultimate Kazooloo gaming experience we recommend using a device of a known mobile brand such as: Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Motorola or similar

  • My device meets the technical requirements, but having difficulties running the game

    contact our support team and they will be happy to escalate to our developers to determine if something can be done to support your device. meanwhile you can check the current list of known problematic devices:

    • Akai Apollo
    • Archos 40b titanium
    • Archos 80 titanium
    • Huwawei G510
    • Huwawei Y300-0100
    • Lenovo a369i
    • Micromax p666 tab
    • Nexus 7 (2012)
    • Nuclear-evb
    • Proscan Android Tablet
    • ThL T6S Android 4.4
    • TEAC Vision TC-971

    We do all in our power to test and analyses any problematic devices. Keep it in mind there are more than 5000 different Android mobile brands in the market today! Making it an impossible task to complete.

  • Kindle fire devices/Windows phone

    The Kazooloo app in available only on the Google Play and Apple Appstore platforms at the moment. In the near future we will defiantly upload a version that will support Windows phone and Amazon kindle OS

  • The game starts but all i see is a circle rotating on a black background (IOS 8)

    In order to play, you need to give Kazooloo access to the camera of your device. Go to Settings --> Kazooloo --> Camera and allow access.

  • Board ID is Invalid / already taken

    Please email our support team at stating the place of purchase and attaching a picture of the board ID, they will try and sort out the problem.

  • I forgot my Password

    You can always use your Board ID as a password to login to your Kazooloo account.

  • I forgot my Username

    Please provide our support team with your board ID and they will help you retrieve your username.

  • How do I upgrade from Demo mode to the full version game?

    Click on the "demo mode" button and enter your Board ID.

  • I don't have a Board ID, what can I do to play the full game?

    Each Kazooloo board comes with a Board ID. get your board now to play the full game.

  • How many users each Board ID supports?

    The board ID is good for activation of full game for one user, that user can then move between devices with no restriction.

  • What is the difference between the Kazooloo Boards?

    Vortex, Ogger and Zordan boards activates Kazooloo app
    DMX board activates Kazooloo DMX app

  • Intel Atom Processor tablets Voforia bug

    All "Intel Atom Z Processors" based Tablet devices are having trouble running the game at the moment. Our development team is working on an Android update that will solve that problem. Hopefully the update will be ready in the upcoming weeks. List of "Intel Atom" known problematic devices:

    • Akai Apollo
    • Asus tf303cl
    • Acer Iconia Tab A500
    • Acer Iconia A1-830-1633
    • Asus memo pad 7
    • Dell Venue 8
    • Kurio C14100 Tablet
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
    • Tesco Hudl 2

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